Citizens UnConference for the Environment 非正式會議

To engage and facilitate a group of citizens passionate about improving the environment in order to come up with actionable ideas for • influencing government environmental policies; and • driving high-impact and self-sustaining initiatives This is an UnConference – a new format for generating actionable ideas. Participants-driven – you as participant can propose topics to be discussed and offer yourself as a speaker Highly interactive and participative – no passive audience Future- and action-focused – collectively participants can make things happen and make a difference (For more details: Who should attend: Individuals and organizations (NGOs, social enterprises, for-profit companies, B Corps, foundations, etc.) who are passionate about improving the environment and taking actions Government officials and policy makers who are keen to have constructive dialogue and explore collaboration opportunities, with citizen groups for joint effort to improve the environment. Register now You will be invited to contribute ideas and/or share in one or more of the following: Government environmental policies Impacts worth scaling Insights from overseas experience New and innovative solutions 這個「非正式會議」結合了一群熱心於改善環境的市民,一起想出可行的辦法, 從而 ‧ 影響政府的環境政策; 和 ‧ 催生更多高影響力而能自我持續的項目或企業 這是一個非一般會議 - 一種嶄新的會議模式 由參與者驅動 - 作為參與者的您可以提出要討論的主題並讓自己成為發言人 高度互動和參與性 - 沒有被動的觀眾 專注於未來和實際行動 - 參與者一同把能夠改變未來的想法付諸實行 (欲了解更多詳情 : 如果你是: 對改善環境充滿熱情的個人及組織(非政府 組織 、 社會企業 、 企業、共益企業 、 基金會等) 熱衷於進行建設性對話或找尋合作機會的政 府官員和決策者 立即參與 你將被邀請在以下一項或多項議題去分享你的意見: 政府環境政策 將目前有良好效果的環保項目發揚光大 借鑑海外的先進經驗 全新的解決方案 Watch the video ( to know more Master Facilitator : Dr. K K Tse