THE CONSCIOUS FESTIVAL By Green Is The New Black Asia comes to Hong Kong on Earth Day weekend - Earth Is Back!

由Green Is The New Black Asia 舉辦的 THE CONSCIOUS FESTIVAL 正式於今年「地球日」周末到臨香港

🎉🌏 ENTRY IS FREE 🌏🎉 免費入場
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🗣TALKS & UNCONFERENCE ARE TICKETED * 🗣 但所有講座及交流會均需憑券入場 *

A place where fun and social environmental responsibility go hand in hand. With a market featuring over 70 mindful brands, transformative talks, an industry day on circular economy, delicious healthy eats, organic booze, interactive art and games - this is one festival not to be missed. 

The Conscious Festival 集社會環保責任和趣味並存:70多個環保品牌匯聚市集、富啟發性的講座、循環經濟體系交流、美味健康的食品、有機酒精飲料及互動藝術和遊戲。這絕對是個不容錯過的活動!

Friday 20 April - UNCONFERENCE 
Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 April - FESTIVAL

活動日期:4月20日(星期五)– 交流會
4月21日(星期六)和4月22日(星期日)- 市集及講座



Snapshot of what's going down:

> the MARKET - with over 70 conscious brands from fashion, lifestyle, and beauty showcasing products that protect people and the planet. 

> FOOD fair & live MUSIC - enjoy mouth-watering food and refreshing booze while you enjoy live beats.

> EDUTAINMENT - Engage and learn with games, live demos, mini-activities & interactive art. 

> FILM Screenings - igniting a collective passion for protecting the environment in Hong Kong & Beyond through the screen and conversations.

Get the deets here:

市集 - 超過70個時尚、休閒、美容等環保品牌展銷有助地球保護的產品。
小食攤位及現場音樂表演 - 一邊享受著令人垂涎的食物和美酒,一邊感受現場音樂節拍。
學習繽Fun - 透過各種遊戲、即場展示、小型活動和互動藝術去參與並學習環保意識。
電影放映 - 透過電影鏡頭與對白燃起香港及周邊地區對保護環境的熱情。

the TALKS * 

4 transformative sessions packed full of juicy actionable insights that will empower you to change your life. Inspiring keynotes, engaging workshops, wellness breaks and action kits.

> TALK 1: MIND - Wellness for us and the planet 

> TALK 2: CONSCIOUS PARENTING - Holistic living & education

> TALK 3: EARTH - The plastic wave that's coming for us 

> TALK 4: CONSUMPTION - Waste not, want not 

More details:


講座1:思想 - 建立意識維持地球健康
講座2:教育 - 深度生活及教育
講座3:地球 - 塑膠浪潮即將來臨
講座4:消費 - 不要浪費,減少欲望



An UNCONFERENCE on ‘Making Business Circular’ packed with of keynotes, panels, workshops, group sharing along with other creative experiences for attendees to take away actionable insights.

More details:


Get In Touch 

Want to get involved? Be a vendor? Volunteer? Join the conscious movement? Send us an email at [email protected]

Check out what happened last year:

想參與成為活動一份子?成為檔主?義工?參加意識推廣運動?請立刻傳送電子郵件至 [email protected] 聯絡我們吧!


Our Partners / 我們的合作伙伴

> Held at PMQ 元創方 

>In partnership with Ocean Recovery Alliance 

Green Media Partner Green Queen
Media Partner Eco-Business
Lifestyle Media Partner Generation T Hong Kong Tatler
Filtered Water Partner Urban Spring
Vibe Partner The Vibe Tribe
Wellness Partner PAUSE 
PR Partner Voltage
Gift Partners Matter, Coopita, Bundies

Big thanks to all our community partners Mettā, Circular Community, Camel Assembly, WOMB, Alive Wellness, A.C.F Clothing